Meet The Team

Genesis Corp Pte Ltd (“Genesis Corp”) is a company incorporated in Singapore, established in 2016 and current based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Genesis Corp has a single focus: that is to grow small and medium enterprises and to prepare them for the reality and globalisation of the business world. Genesis Corp also specialises in project management and acts as an escrow agent for funds paid by investors.

Genesis Corp identifies sustainable projects undertaken by various companies. Genesis Corp then undertakes an initiative to send invitations to various entities to invest in the projects they identified. Over and above this initiative, Genesis Corp also has the expertise to ensure that a project funded by investors is carried out in accordance to the project timeline and the return of investment is paid to an investor at the end of the investment period. Essentially Genesis Corp ensures good governance in a project and good governance in the usage of investment funds.

We at Genesis Corp also work hand in hand in rebranding and packaging of products. In running a business, it is compulsory to ensure that the engine of the business is updated regularly. Here in Genesis Corp we provide business management consultation to business owners with regards of expenditure, cost reduction as well as fund management. We assist these growing businesses to entrench in a world class business platform.